Move to Mars ? Or Fix Up Earth — the Hydrogen Community

To me, developing the first hydrogen-powered home — the Hydrogen Homestead — wasn’t just a project to prove I could do it.

To me it was a model for things to come. 

Now, these many years later, an entire Hydrogen Community is on the near horizon. 

I recently shared with the students I am mentoring some of the technologies I developed while working on the Hydrogen Homestead, and we then explored what we would need in order to make an entire community run on hydrogen.

There are some amazing new technologies that are ready for deployment, but other pieces that still need to come together in order to create locally independent, energy efficient, environmentally responsible, sustainable communities. 

Telegraph - Roger BillingsSome of the important questions we discussed were, “Where will the energy come from? How will it be harnessed and stored? What will the houses be like? What about food production? How will we protect the environment?” 

For educators and students who would like to get involved in this discussion, the TalkScience broadcast is available on “Youtube: “Coming Soon – The Hydrogen Community  and on Facebook.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and comments.