Acellus Adds New Grading Feature — Attendance

Acellus teachers who are looking for a way to include student attendance as part of overall student performance can now do so, either with or without impacting student grades.

This new Acellus feature generates a score based on student Attendance and integrates it right into the Acellus Gradebook. 

For greater flexibility and control,  the Attendance feature allows teachers to determine both if and how much students’ individual attendance will impact their grades.  

Acellus Student Attendance Summary

The Acellus program requires students to work 18 out of 30 days per month, beginning when they first complete work in a course. (Note: if students are behind and complete work during the weekend, this will count as “attending” — to allow them to catch up for missed days during the week).  

Student Attendance is displayed by percent, but mousing over the percent field will display the number of days the student was present as well as the number of days Acellus requires the student to attend in order to have 100% attendance.

By default, Acellus does not factor Attendance scores into the students’ overall grades. However, teachers can decide whether or not to factor in Attendance and can adjust how much weight to give it when calculating student grades.  

To change the defaults, select “Grading Options” then “Grading Categories / Weights.” From this screen, specify a weight for each grading category displayed in the Gradebook.

Assign Grade Weights

The Attendance feature has the flexibility of allowing the School Defaults to be updated (which will apply to all classes created in the future), or of allowing classes to be set individually. Where all classes are to be weighted the same, the School Defaults can be applied to all of the classes in the school by clicking “Update All Classes to Defaults.”

In the event a student’s Attendance score is incorrect, often because the student missed days that were holidays or no-school days, teachers can use the Attendance tab to mark days as “Excused” or “Holiday,” which will give students credit for those days. If there is no acceptable reason for the absence, teachers can mark them as “Absent,” etc. These changes will be reflected in the students’ Attendance score.

Adjust Student Attendance

Our goal is to make Acellus not only an effective learning tool for students, but also a powerful, leveraging teaching system for educators.