Acellus Releases New CTE Course — Agriculture I

Acellus Agriculture I is designed to give interested high school students an overview of the six career sectors available in this, the largest industry in the United States.

This CTE course introduces the six career sectors available in agriculture, including Animal Systems, Plant Systems, Food Products & Processing, Agribusiness Systems, Power Structure & Technical Systems, and Natural Resources & Environmental Systems. 

Acellus Agriculture IAfter the overview, the course goes into depth in the Animal Systems sector, addressing production, feeding, nutrition, and breeding of different animals, to give students an understanding of the procedures and skills involved in this career sector.

Students gain a familiarity with animal production support systems such as the FFA, and also in the use and workings of a wood shop and a metal shop as they relate to an Animal Systems career.

Learn more about the new Agriculture I course and watch a sample lesson.