1. We love this school and the programs.
    It is a shame anyone would take away this educational opportunity from any child.
    My son has learned so many things that really excite him, he even teaches me. He would love to come see the campus in person. He is only 12 but is so inspired he wants to go and study environmental engineering and help grow the new foods. He talks about Acellus, Dr. Billings, and his inventions to everyone who will listen.

  2. This program has benefited my children so much. They love learning with Acellus. Thank you Dr. Billings!

  3. We absolutely love your programs and have used Acellus/Power Homeschool for 5 years. Our 19-year old just completed his AA in Criminal Justice and was absolutely equipped to succeed in his online college courses because of Acellus. Our 16-year old is currently using Acellus and is also participating in a dual enrollment program through Grand Canyon University for select courses. Again, she was very equipped because of her strong foundation! Our 13-year old son also LOVES his classes and is thriving- he is thrilled that many of his friends here in Washington State have made the switch from the sub-par online/hybrid programs that our local district is offering and are once again excited about school…and that’s not even mentioning the tremendous weight that has been taken off the parents. Please keep on doing what you’re doing!!

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