New Acellus Course Released: Robotics Dance Programming

A specialized mini robotics course has just been released to schools using Acellus. This course is designed to deliver the perfect initial exposure for any student interested in robotics and coding.

Students are able to immediately program the Acellus Robot AC-D2 to dance using simple coding blocks. By combining key programming aspects with an engaging application, students are provided with an ideal environment to explore the world of coding.

This mini course is an ideal first step to the STEM-10 program, which is built on the realization that coding is a fundamental ability needed by all students. The program begins at the elementary level, usually in the 3rd grade, expanding each year in sophistication and complexity. In the last years, the program spreads out to three paths, each preparing students for a cutting edge career.

At the completion of the 10 year STEM program, students are prepared for a high-tech career of their choice or for advanced learning by attending college.



  1. Since we are a 7-12 grade school, where would our students begin? We would have interested students, so I am excited about this.

    • Hello Kent! Because of the nature and approach to the subject, this mini-course is well suited for all students in the 7-12 grade range looking to get their feet wet in coding. With the interactive programming experience working the AC-D2 robot, this is a great choice for any learner looking to get an introduction to the field.

    • Hello! My name is Brandon and I’m a student at Acellus. If you are currently in acellus, the class has been added automatically, free of charge to any active students taking acellus. If not, it should come up as an elective when you are choosing your courses in acellus. I hope you found this useful!

  2. Does this class count toward high school credit? Is it required? My son is in the 11th grade with Acellus and has no desire to learn coding.

    • Hello Mary! Some schools are awarding students a half credit for completion of this course. This new class is certainly not required, but it is a phenomenal option for anyone with an interest in robotics and programming.

  3. Our son completed the dancing robot course and then we ordered the robot. Can he take the mini class again and/or is there a full length class available now or in the near future.

    • Hello Nicki, thank you for your question! By completing this mini-course, your student has taken the first step on their coding journey.

      Currently, the first three courses of our Acellus STEM-10 initiative are released. The recommended next step for your learner would be to take our “STEM-1: Introduction to Coding” course, but of course you can always go back through “Robotics Dance Programming” to experience the activities presented with your physical robot.

      For more information about Acellus STEM-10, feel free to visit this link:

  4. Christina Fambro: January 20, 2021 at 2:57 am

    Where can we purchase the robot?

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