Multiple Levels of Rigor Now Available for 313 Acellus Courses

Acellus has now released 313 courses with multiple levels of rigor. These curriculum pathways are built around the Success Zone philosophy, which is an education strategy that enables students to achieve success by getting them into the right courses and at the right levels to consistently progress.

The Success Zone empowers teachers with real-time data to inform their instructional approach in the classroom. As students move forward in their learning journey, not all find themselves on a pathway to success. Teachers are able to catch the students on the brink of failure, break down the barriers of being stuck on a skill, and turn each student into a learner who now is motivated to reach and exceed expectations.

In order to determine whether students are performing within their Success Zone, the question must be asked, “What is success?” In terms of a student’s performance on course assessments, attendance, assignments, and exams, “success” is achieved when a student’s overall grade exceeds a defined learning rubric. In Acellus, the score students must achieve to be considered successful learners is 75% or better. If the student is scoring below this level, they are not truly mastering the material, are not progressing in their learning, and are in danger of failing. They are therefore not in their “Success Zone.”

Within Acellus, three different modes or levels for many courses have been created, allowing students to be placed into coursework at exactly the optimum level. These multi-level courses are classified as follows:

Normal Level – Students at this level see lectures and problems that are of a normal difficulty. This is the right level for a majority of students taking a particular course.

Accelerated Level – Here the lectures are more comprehensive and the homework problems are more numerous and more rigorous. This level is geared for gifted students and will help them prepare for college or other technical careers.

Reduced Level – On this level, lessons are presented at a slower pace. Lectures are more basic and focused on core areas students really need to master. The problems are specifically written with these students in mind. For many students, being placed on this level will be enough to help them move into the Success Zone.

Acellus provides teachers with feedback on student performance to inform course placement decisions and specific recommendations. This allows educators to adjust the level of instruction to individualize it to the needs of the specific learner. In the event that a teacher agrees with the system-generated recommendations on placement, after a single key stroke authorization, the student is automatically placed to the new level. This feature greatly reduces the amount of teacher effort needed to administer the system.

Video: Student Success Zone


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