New Acellus Course: Investigating Careers

Acellus has published a new Investigating Careers course! Acellus Instructor, Todd Edmond has been back in the studio and guides students through an exploration of career pathways. With professionals from diverse fields sharing their personal journeys and insights, students gain invaluable perspectives into the challenges and rewards of different career paths. This course immerses students in various fields, including Agriculture, Architecture, Arts, Business, and more, allowing them to gain insight into managerial roles, industry practices, and specific skills. By exploring sectors such as Education, Finance, Government, Health, Hospitality, and Human Services, students are prepared for potential careers. The course covers Information Technology, Law, Manufacturing, Retail, Science, Engineering, Transportation, and more, ensuring a comprehensive understanding. In conclusion, students learn about career planning, financial management, and job readiness, ensuring they are well-equipped for future success.  Read More >>

Sample Lesson – Introduction