New Acellus Course: American Literature – English III

We’re excited to announce a new Acellus course available for students! American Literature – English III explores the diverse literary landscape of the United States, from early American documents to 20th-century modernism. Students will analyze rhetorical strategies, study narrative and poetic elements, delve into Gothic literature, and examine works that spurred social reform. The course emphasizes analytical writing, grammatical composition, and practical training in research and professional writing. Students will have an opportunity to deepen their understanding of American literature and enhance their writing skills through this new course.   Read More>>

Sample Lesson – Introduction



  1. Hello! This sounds like a great course! I already took English III, but I feel that Acellus should offer some of these foreign language courses to students, among Spanish, German, and Portuguese: Russian, Chinese, and Korean. I feel that these languages will be very important to learn in our modern world. Also, they do have benefits: the Army highly seeks out people who know how to speak any of these languages.

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