ASAC 2020


ASAC 2020 has been postponed due to COVID-19. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming dates for ASAC.

Featured Speaker Biographies

Keynote Speaker

Roger Billings, Acellus Chairman

International Academy of Science

Roger Billings, a great polymath of our time, is known for his pioneering work in Hydrogen Energy and for building the first Personal Computer.  He invented the Client-Server Model of Computer Networking, b² Cryptography, and the Acellus Learning System.

Topic: The Electronic Classroom – Unveiling

Featured Speakers

Maria Sanchez, President

International Academy of Science

Maria Sanchez has nearly 30 years of experience in science and engineering.  After a successful career in chemical engineering for companies such as AT&T, Maria went on to earn her Doctor of Research at the International Academy of Science.  She went on to assume an instructional role at IAS where her technical acuity and progressive management skills led to her current position as President.   One of her many capacities at the Academy is management and oversight for Acellus courseware development.

Topic: Adaptive Education

Joseph Brown, Acellus Senior Trainer

International Academy of Science

Joseph Brown is currently a Senior Acellus Trainer at the International Academy of Science. He works with a diverse group of schools to help them effectively deploy Acellus in order to elevate student success and academic achievement. Previously, Joseph worked as an educator in the urban core of Kansas City at Hogan Prep Academy. He holds BA in Education from Columbia College, Chicago.

Topic: Efficacy and Outcomes

Marty Kobza, Superintendent

Superior Public School District, NE

Marty Kobza is the Superintendent of Superior Public Schools in Superior, Nebraska.  Marty taught in Louisiana and served as an administrator in Kansas and Wyoming, before returning home to Nebraska.  This is his 20th year as a Superintendent. During his career, Marty has helped districts to develop systems to individualize the educational process for students through Professional Learning Communities and alternative delivery models such as virtual programs.  Marty’s passion is to help students maximize their potential regardless of their personal situation.

Topic: Virtual Schools

Pajét Monet, Acellus Course Instructor

International Academy of Science

Pajét Monet is the Acellus Director of SEL (social and emotional learning) and the spark behind the FireAngel Movement, an organization that was developed to help support emotional, social, and physical education. Pajét has over a decade of experience in the field of blended learning and is working with Acellus to develop curriculum to address the critical need for SEL.  Her popular Acellus SEL courses are well received, broaching difficult topics and challenges students deal with in life and inspiring personal growth though positive thoughts and attitudes.

Topic: Social Emotional Learning

John Billings, VP, Research and Development

CybrSecurity Corporation

John leads the technology development team at CybrSecurity Corporation, working on advanced authentication and security projects. He is the chief developer of the hardware and firmware utilized in GoldKey security tokens and is co-inventor of b² Cryptography.   As the primary course instructor for the first three years of the Acellus STEM-10 program, John uses his strong background in technology to help students understand important concepts that will prepare them for successful STEM-related careers.  

Topic: STEM 3: Electronics & Coding

Charlene Tucker, District Summer School Coordinator

Pasadena Unified School District, CA

Charlene Tucker is currently serving as the Interim Principal for Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Pasadena Unified School District in Pasadena, CA. As an educator for over 20 years, she has served students of all ages both as a teacher and administrator during her tenure. The past twelve years of her career have been devoted to administrative work during both the regular school year and summer sessions within her district; most recently piloting Acellus for the last two summer school sessions.

Topic: Summer School

Stephanie Merkley, Acellus Courseware Developer

International Academy of Science

Stephanie Merkley is a reading and language arts education specialist and has spent over a decade developing and refining techniques that empower students to become successful readers and writers with implementation through the Acellus learning system. In recent years, she has turned her focus to ESL students and building on past experience is currently developing the Discover English language acquisition program.

Topic: English Language Learners

Jesse Janssen, Superintendent

Waconda USD 272, KS

Jesse Janssen is a Superintendent at USD 272 Waconda School District in Northcentral Kansas.  He has been a Career and Technical Education Coordinator for over 10 years, has implemented over 20 new Career Pathways for students, and understands the importance of individualized learning plans for learners of all ages.  Mr. Janssen is an Acellus Certified Instructor and has worked with Acellus over 6 years leading two Kansas school districts in Acellus adoptions and implementations.   His definition for success in education is doing what’s best for kids.

Topic: Special Education

Lezlie Winter, Asst. Superintendent

Mississinewa School District, IN

Lezlie has been a dedicated school and community advocate for her entire 39 years in education. She has held many positions within education but most recently serves as the assistant superintendent at Mississinewa Community Schools where she leads curriculum development, technology, and educational programming; and has developed a summer learning academy embedded in best practices for improving student achievement outside the traditional school day. Lezlie believes that technology and online learning enhances educational opportunities for all students.  Presenting with Lezlie is Rachel Roesch, Assistant Principal at Mississinewa High School and Bruce Fleming, Director of Technology at Mississinewa Community.

Session Topic: Intervention & STEM

David Finley, Director of Adult Education

Redlands Unified School District, CA

David Finley wears many hats in his role leading Alternative and Adult Education in Redlands, California.  He is Principal of a K-12 independent study program (R.I.S.E. – Redlands Independent Study Education), a K-12 online blended learning school (Redlands eAcademy), and Redlands Adult School which has partnered with Acellus since 2016 to help hundreds of adults to complete their high school diplomas. With 28 years of experience as a teacher, trainer and administrator, David is passionate about working with educators to build individualized learning pathways for all students.

Topic: Adult Education

Robert Younce, Virtual Education Coordinator

Johnson County School District, KY

Robert Younce has seventeen years experience in education. He has served as an Instructional Assistant, Middle School Special Education Teacher in a Behavior Classroom, School Principal on all levels — Elementary, Middle, and High — and central office administration as DPP. Currently he is serving as the Virtual Education Coordinator and as Principal of the Eagle Academy which houses the district’s alternative program.

Topic: Alternative Education

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