Alice Kerns

Acellus Course Instructor
Total Courses: 1

Alice Kerns began teaching with the Sheridan County School District in 1981 and has taught every grade at Tongue River Elementary as well as several years at Slack Elementary. She taught Wyoming state history for 16 years and is currently substituting long term at Tongue River Elementary and supporting students enrolled online through the district’s Cowboy State Virtual Academy, which uses Acellus. Of her filming of Wyoming State History for Acellus, Kerns says, “I want to make sure that I am giving the kids a great experience, so when they’re watching the videos, it’s not boring, it has the fun, interesting facts that Wyoming history has. Wyoming history is incredibly crazy, it really is.” Kerns’ family experience on a dude ranch contributed to her enthusiasm for Wyoming history. In preparation for filming the course Kerns spent time gathering photographs of items from her family ranch, visiting battlegrounds and getting photos of items from Crow friends.

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