NEW: Acellus 5-Star Course – Epic Moments in World History

The new Acellus “Epic Moments in World History” course is a Hollywood-style high school elective that examines the pivotal events which have defined world history.

The course spans the early civilizations of the Indus Valley through to the Cold War crisis and the global events that are shaping our modern times.

Washington Crossing - Epic Moments

The choice of the subject matter for this course and the way it is presented stimulate critical thinking in students as they make connections between these significant moments in time and assess their impact at the time as well as on us today.

The course also engages students with virtual excursions into the historical times and places that have defined our lives, giving them a “you-are-there” experience of the past.

Learn more about the new Epic Moments in World History course and watch a sample lesson.