Acellus Releases New Course – AP European History

Acellus has added a new course to its Advance Placement offerings – AP European History. 

The course leads students through the cultural, economic, political, and social developments that shaped Europe from 1450 to the present, with special focus on analyzing the influence those developments had at the time and continue to have on the world today.

AP European History is organized by historical periods that are marked by the notable ideas and events that altered the course of history during each.

AP European History Course - AcellusStudents begin by studying the great awakening in art and science of the Renaissance, including the political and religious tensions and reformations that took place during this critical time. They go on to analyze the distinctive aspects of each historical period through to the Twentieth Century, with its burgeoning technology, its religious and societal transformations, its focus on environmental issues, and its new social and political voices.

The AP European History course has been audited and approved by College Board to provide students with a college-level learning experience.

Learn more about the new AP European History course and watch a sample lesson.