New Acellus Feature Released for Robotics Dance Programming Course

An exciting new feature has been released within the Acellus “Robotics Dance Programming” mini-course. This feature enables students to easily save and recall their robot dance choreography, making it effortless to re-run programs and show them off.

Since its release a few weeks ago, this course has had a major impact inspiring students’ interests in coding. Robotics Dance Programming is an optimal first step in the Acellus STEM-10 course pathway. Students are introduced to a sophisticated dancing robot called AC-D2. Equipped with snazzy lights, ultrasound sensors, and multiple motors, AC-D2 comes ready to move. It can sway, twist, and dance around with approximately 10,000 possible step combinations giving it great style on the dance floor.

See Acellus Robot AC-D2 in action:



  1. wow cool.

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