Investigating Careers

Investigating Careers

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Investigating Careers gives students an overview of many career options and the education, training, and skills required for each. Career Paths include:
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Arts and Communication
  • Business and Administration
  • Education and Training
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Government and Public Administration
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
  • Human Service
  • Information Technology
  • Law and Public Safety
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and Wholesale Sales and Service
  • Scientific Research, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
Acellus Investigating Careers is taught by Acellus Instructor Todd Edmond.
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Scope and Sequence

Unit 1 - Agriculture and Natural Resources The Agriculture and Natural Resources unit of this course introduces managerial work in agriculture, resource science, and resource tech; all in the areas on plants, animals, and the environment. Students will additionally learn about general farming, nursery, groundskeeping, pest control, forestry and logging, hunting and fishing, and mining and drilling. Unit 2 – Architecture and Construction In this unit, students investigate managerial work in architecture and construction, architectural design, architecture & construction engineering, and construction crafts, as well as systems & eqp installation, maintenance, repair, and construction support. Unit 3 – Arts and Communication In the Arts and Communication unit, students will learn about managerial work in arts and communication, writing and editing, news, broadcasting, and public relations. They also will look into studio art, design, drama, music, dance, media technology, and communications technology. Unit 4 – Business and Administration This unit consist of managerial work in general business, managerial work in business detail, human resources support, secretarial support, accounting, auditing, and analytical support. Students will also dive into clerical mathematical support, and records and materials processing. Unit 5 - Education and Training In this unit, students will learn about managerial work in education, preschool, elementary, and secondary education, postsecondary and adult teaching and instructing. They will additionally learn library services, archival and museum services, counseling, health, and lastly, fitness education. Unit 6 – Finance and Insurance In the Finance and Insurance unit, students will acquire the knowledge of managerial work in finance and insurance along with learning about analysis, record processing, customer service, and sales and support in the finance and insurance category. Unit 7 – Government and Public Administration The lessons that the Government and Public Administration unit contains involve, managerial work in government and public admin, public planning, regulations enforcement, public administration, and clerical support. Unit 8 – Health Science In the Health Science unit, students will delve into managerial work in medical and health services, medicine and surgery, dentistry, health specialties and animal care. They will also look into medical technology, medical therapy, patient care and assistance. Unit 9 – Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation This unit consist of managerial work in hospitality and tourism, recreational services, hospitality and travel, services, and food and beverage preparation & service.  Additionally, the unit consists of sports, and barber and beauty services. Unit 10 – Human Service The concepts addressed in the Human Service unit include counseling and social work, religious work, child/personal care and services, as well as client interviewing. Unit 11 – Information Technology In this unit students will delve into the managerial work in information technology, information technology specialties, and digital equipment repair. Unit 12 – Law and Public Safety  Students will learn all about managerial work in law and public safety, legal practice and justice administration, and legal support. Students will additionally learn law enforcement and public safety, emergency responding, and military. Unit 13 – Manufacturing This unit introduces students to managerial work in manufacturing, machine setup and operation, production work, assorted materials processing, welding, brazing, and soldering. Students will also be introduced to production machining technology, graphic arts production, machinery, electrical and electronic repair, vehicle and facility mechanical work, as well as medical and technical equipment repair, utility operation, and energy distribution. Unit 14 – Retail and Wholesale Sales and Service Students will acquire the knowledge of managerial work in retail/wholesale, technical and general sales, and personal solicitation as well as purchasing, and customer service. Unit 15 – Scientific Research, Engineering, and Mathematics The lessons this unit consists of include managerial work in scientific research, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, life and social sciences, and laboratory technology.  Additionally, students will delve into the fields of mathematics and data analysis, research and design engineering, industrial and safety engineering, and engineering technology. Unit 16 – Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics The last unit in Investigating Careers will consist of managerial work in transportation, air vehicle operation, truck driving, rail vehicle operation, water vehicle operation, and to end, Mr. E's Pep Talk.  

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