Grade 1 Science

Grade 1 Science

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The Grade 1 Science course looks at different habitats and the animals that live in them, how animals' needs are met, how animals change, and how they differ from each other. The course also investigates weather and the natural resources of the earth. It explores why and how things move and make sound, and introduces energy and technology. Course topics include:
  • Habitat
  • Life Cycles
  • Earth's Resources
  • Weather and the Sky
  • Matter
  • Sounds and Movements
  • Energy and Technology

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Scope and Sequence

Unit 1 – Habitat This unit discusses skills needed for science, the concept of living and non-living things, and the needs of plants. It explores forests, wetlands, oceans, and deserts as habitats, and introduces how some plants need saltwater, how animals and plants – such as desert plants – have adapted to their habitat. Unit 2 – Life Cycles This unit discusses concepts of life science, exploring life cycles, parts, protection, and adaptation of plants and animals. Also covered are the concept of the food chain, classification of animals, and how living things change as they grow. Unit 3 – Earth's Resources This unit discusses different kinds of land and water, as well as soil, rock, and other resources. It also explores reducing, reusing, and recycling, and introduces fossils. Unit 4 – Weather and the Sky This unit discusses rain, snow, wind, and temperature, as well as the seasons. Also covered is the rotation of the earth, causing us to have daytime and nighttime, as well as what we see in the sky during night and day. Further discussion topics include the moon and the planets. Unit 5 – Matter This unit discusses concepts of matter, including state, mass, height, weight, and how matter can change, allowing such activities as glass blowing. Unit 6 – Sounds and Movements This unit discusses movement, magnetism, sound, and speed. Unit 7 – Energy and Technology This unit discusses energy, heat, fuel, electricity, batteries, light, and shadow. It also discusses technology used for farms, construction, and communication, as well as simple machines, and tools for the home.

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