Grade 1 Social Studies

Grade 1 Social Studies

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The Grade 1 Social Studies course investigates social groups and interactions in school, community, and work, and begins to explore aspects of our environment such as weather, along with innovations that affect our lives and people who have shaped our nation. Featuring Dr. Reulan Levin using the teaching technique of Children Teaching Children
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Scope and Sequence

Unit 1 – School This unit discusses school, groups, families in the past, things we do at home and things we do at home, calendars, rules, and comparing things we use. Also included are biographies of Carl Stotz, Ruby Bridges Hall, and Mary McLeod Bethune. Unit 2 – Communities This unit discusses maps, directions, neighborhoods, communities, celebrations, community laws and leaders, and our world. Also included are biographies of Harriet Tubman, Jane Adams, and Henry Flagler. Unit 3 – Work This unit discusses work and jobs, using charts, needs and wants, saving and spending, workers and volunteers, interviews, routes, and moving from place to place. Also included are biographies of Clara Barton and George Washington Carver. Unit 4 – Our Earth This unit discusses weather, seasons, land and water, our resources, farming now and in the past, and endangered animals. Also included are biographies of Elvia Niebla and Sacagawea, and the legend of Johnny Appleseed. Unit 5 – Our Country This unit discusses Native Americans, early explorers, how the American Colonies became free, national symbols, holidays that celebrate our country, and how we choose our country's leaders. Also included are biographies of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Unit 6 – Our Country, Our World This unit covers what a market is, how things have changed over time, inventors and inventions, how travel has changed, and people and food around the world. Also included are biographies of Neil Armstrong and Laurence Yep, and the folktale, The Girl and the Milk Pail.

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