Nicole Lyssy

Acellus Course Instructor
Total Courses: 3

The International Academy of Science recognizes Nicole Lissy for her contribution as the instructor of the Acellus AP Chemistry course. Ms. Lyssy strives to encourage students' understanding of the nature of science, particularly in the field of chemistry, through exploration, critical thinking, problem solving, and discussion. She feels it is important to educate students on the role and application of science in their lives and to encourage them to actively participate in making informed decisions for themselves, their community, and the world. She enjoys guiding them as they Integrate personal development through experiences such as organizational and study skills, mindfulness practices, and positive interpersonal interactions. In 1999, Ms. Lyssy received a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Texas A&M University, which she followed up with coursework in education technology, chemical education, and a teaching certification in 2000. She has taught Chemistry since then, and AP Chemistry since 2003. She has served as a chemistry team leader, as well as serving on the curriculum writing and science professional development team for her school district. Ms. Lyssy is a recipient of the 2013-2014 Texas Instruments STEM Award, the 2018 Junior Science & Humanities Symposium Teaching Award, and the 2019 Yale Educator Award.

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