High School Social Development – Level 1

High School Social Development - Level 1

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The Acellus High School Social Development course is the first level in the high school pathway focused on social development and emotional well being.  This course helps students to explore their own potential and the choices that lie before them as they grow to adulthood.  Students consider their own ability to choose the kind of person they want become and learn how to use skills like goal setting to become that person.  Students explore personal aspects of their lives as well as relationships and the potential they have to impact others, as well as to gain inspiration and guidance from them.  Students continue in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) as they investigate ways to make their lives the best that they can be and preparing students to face the future with awareness and positivity.

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Scope and Sequence

Unit 1 Students begin the Social Emotional Learning – High School course by examining their own personal characteristics, strengths, and values.  They discuss what it means to be true to their core, and how they have the power to control their own lives.  They explore appropriate boundaries and responsibilities, and learn where to find inspiration. They study the benefits of being considerate and respectful.  They explore the role of attitude in success, as well as the advantages of good personal care and keeping a daily schedule. Unit 2 Students next consider the negative on their lives of impact of cheating and disruptive behavior.  They learn that we all have fears.  They gain insight into the benefits of dealing with the negatives that occur in their lives.  They study time management and goal setting.  They discuss their ability to think through the outcomes of their actions to help them choose the best actions.  They ponder the effect of perspective, and evaluate how they can turn negative moments and experiences into positives.  They analyze what personal success is and explore how what they see sticks with them.  They determine the difference between habits and goals. They contemplate the power they have to kindle a fire from a single spark – a fire that can be positive or negative.  They comprehend the dangers of boasting and bragging.  They grasp the concept of choosing – and becoming – a superhero and a mentor.  They reflect on their lives as symphonies that they direct. Unit 3 In this unit students begin by pondering what mark they will leave on the world. They learn how to get support when they need it.  They consider the sunflower, always facing the sun.  They acknowledge the heroes in the world, and how they can become heroes. They explore courage, and how to get our money’s worth from our police.  They contemplate getting involved, being self-absorbed or other-centered, feeling alone, and the attitude of loneliness. Unit 4 Next students think about being a role model.  They consider points of view, two modes in any situation, and the art of communication.  They contemplate dignity, humility, respect, and using magic words.  They investigate what is beautiful and the idea that we are not that different from one another.  They reflect on their ability to empower, encourage, and affirm others, and to be a fuse that starts good things. Unit 5 Students learn that the words we think, we speak, and that words, like dragons, can be dangerous. They consider having respect for privacy and for things that are proprietary. They scrutinize the effect of media and electronics on their lives, and realize that what they think will come out, usually at the worst possible moment. They consider how behavior builds character, what shyness looks like, and that it means to take initiative.  They analyze what bullying is, the power of a bystander, what enemies are, and how to make them friends. Unit 6 In this unit students explore how to achieve success through handling stress, anger, and built-up steam.  They analyze emotions, including complex emotions, and understand how to get out of an emotional trench.   They learn to make beauty out of cracks, to “perform” their lives as gracefully and graciously as a seasoned actor.  They consider how they can think through the options before them to find the right one, and how there are times when the right thing to do is to just chill. Following this unit students are presented with the Mid-Term Review and Exam. Unit 7 Student study their own personal qualities and learning styles.  They consider how happy people live longer.  They explore having the attitude of spring, and how effort and attitude impact achievement. They observe the impact of a smile, and learn that they can be a living smile.  They analyze what constitutes a good day, and understand how to overcome obstacles and broken dreams.  They contemplate how to have roots deep enough to keep them strong, and how enchanted their lives actually are. Unit 8 Next students explore the connection between practice and progress.  They observe that the sun doesn’t choose favorites and explore the attitude of oops.  They consider what ugly actually is.  They ponder the thought that no matter how dark the clouds are, above the clouds the sun still shines.  They learn to connect decisions with their consequences, and to use memories like a time machine that allows them to revisit unresolved issues and fix them.  They consider the impact of self-pity, and the amazing ability they have, like a butterfly, to change themselves into something beautiful. They ponder the effect of blaming, the power of letting go, and the importance of self-esteem. Unit 9 In this unit students explore building their goals, as well as grit, resolve, discipline, concentration, and strategies.  They ponder having the nerve to fail. They investigate the illusion of discouragement, as well as actual discouragement.  They contemplate the chain-like nature of their choices, as well as their accountability for their choices.  They discuss living their own lives instead of imitating someone else. Unit 10 Students consider the cost of silliness and the advantage of getting a running start.  They ponder behaving with integrity, gathering wealth, and acting with environmental responsibility.  They learn to taste what it’s like to fly with the eagle or jump with the dear.  They reflect on taking care of their surroundings, listening for sounds, and letting experiences shape them. They think about healthy responses to scars and regrets.  They explore how weakness, can be overcome and make us stronger, like the blind who can see in the dark.  The analyze how constructive criticism can help them. Unit 11 Students comprehend the worthlessness of guilt trips.  They evaluate the value of relationships and of looking beyond the façade of others, and the importance of dealing with the truth. They investigate the impact of relationships and learn to be their own personal referee.  They ponder how to build relationships, as well as the impact of manipulation, holding a grudge, and being contentious.  They scrutinize peer pressure, as well as the value of being willing to seek help for friends. Unit 12 Next students evaluate the correct management of social media, difficult situations, and negative vibrations.  They consider the patch concept, the need to overcome emotions and find solutions. They examine the lesson of the eagle, how to work together, and how to overcome stubbornness and get along.  They learn the power of the words “I’m sorry” and of good etiquette.  They compare facts and opinions.  They understand how to express empathy and gratitude. Unit 13 In this unit students see the beauty in diversity.  They ponder learning from yesterday, resolving conflicts, and responding in a crisis.  They consider how people – even they -- can be like a lighthouse to guide others.  They find the power in making a difference, being needed, planning a future, and setting goals for a career path.  They realize that now is their time to make their lives amazing. Following this unit students are presented with the Final Review and Exam.
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