Grade 1 Language Arts

Grade 1 Language Arts

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Grade 1 Language Arts builds a strong foundation of reading and writing skills with exposure to the elements of good writing in various forms and structures. The course is taught by Acellus Teachers including LaTricia Harper.
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Scope and Sequence

Unit 1 – Personal Narrative and Sentences This unit covers sentences, correct word order, statements, questions, exclamations, punctuation, sentence order, vocabulary, and writing a personal narrative. Unit 2 – Descriptive Writing and Nouns This unit discusses nouns, including nouns about people, days, and months. Also covered are capitalization of proper nouns, abbreviations, plurals, diagrams, vocabulary, using detail in writing, and how to do descriptive writing. Unit 3 – Explanatory Writing and Verbs This unit covers verbs, including present and past tense, the words is, are, was, and were, apostrophes, contractions, subject and verb agreement, charts, sequence and logical order, vocabulary, and writing to explain. Unit 4 – Comparative Writing and Verbs This unit discusses the verbs has, have, go, went, do, did, see, saw, say and said, as well as contractions, letter writing, vocabulary, antonyms, book titles, spelling past tense verbs, reading maps, paragraphs, and writing to compare. Unit 5 – Story Writing and Adjectives This unit discusses adjectives including words having to do with the senses, as well as color, weather, and number words and words for feelings. Also covered are comparison words, using a dictionary, synonyms, vocabulary, story order – beginning, middle, end – telling a story, and writing a story. Unit 6 – Expository Writing and Sentences This unit discusses subjects and predicates, vocabulary, compound subjects, and using the pronouns he, she, it, they, I, me, we, and us. Also covered are compound predicates, homonyms, main ideas, and details.

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