Kindergarten Reading

Kindergarten Reading

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The Kindergarten Reading course focuses on laying a solid foundation for beginning English language literacy.
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Unit 1 – The Alphabet, Letter Recognition This unit covers letter recognition for letters A-Z and words describing size, and introduces comparison of different stories. Unit 2 – Family Fun - M, Short A This unit covers the letter M and the short A sound, including phonics, phoneme isolation and blending, and phoneme blending with markers, as well as rhyming words with the short A sound and identifying words that begin with similar sounds. Also included are comparing two stories, the sight words "we," "can," and "I," categorization of initial and final M sounds. Unit 3 – My Friends - S, P This unit covers phonics, categorization, phoneme isolation, and phoneme blending for the letters S and P, as well as identifying character, color words, sorting sounds, oral vocabulary, alliteration, and the sight words "a," "like," and "the." Unit 4 – Traveling - T, Short I This unit discusses making and confirming predictions, identifying plot, classification and categorization, alliteration, words about shape, poetry about traveling, the sight words "go" and "see," and phonics, picture sorting, phoneme isolation, categorization, phonics, and phoneme blending for the letters T and I (short sound). Unit 5 – Let's Eat - N, Initial C This unit covers phonics, phoneme blending, phoneme isolation, and picture sorting for the letters N and initial C, as well as expository text, classifying food words, identifying a sequence of events, poetry about food, the sight words "to" and "have," and the folktale genre. Unit 6 – Lots of Animals - Initial F, Short O This unit discusses phonics, picture sorting, phoneme isolation, categorization, phoneme segmentation, and phoneme blending for the letters F, short O, and short A or I. Also covered are expository text, identifying noisy and quiet sounds, poetry about animals, the prepositions "under," "behind," and "on," sight words "is" and "play," and making inferences. Unit 7 – My Community - H, D, R, -at, -an This unit discusses phonics for the initial H, D, and R sounds, phoneme isolation for the initial H sound, categorization for H or R sounds, phoneme blending with D, R, and H, and picture sorting with initial H or D sounds, R or H sounds, and D, H, or R sounds. Also covered are the sequence words "first," "next," and "last," the sight words "are" and "for," identifying alliteration, main ideas, and details, visualization poetry, the word families "-at" and "-an," and expository text. Unit 8 – Weather Watch - B, L, Short E, -it, -ip This unit discusses the comparison words "tallest," "smallest," and "longest," poetry about weather, the sight words "do" and "and," identifying setting, expository text, reading books, and the difference between fantasy and reality. Also covered are phonics for initial L, B, and E sounds, phoneme isolation for the initial L and short E sound, picture sorting for initial L or B sounds, B sounds, and B, L, or short E sounds, phoneme blending with B and L, phoneme segmentation of three to four sounds, and the word families "-it" and "-ip". Unit 9 – Nature - K, CK, Short U, -ot, -op, -ick This unit covers phonics for initial K sounds, final K and CK sounds, and the short U sound. It also covers drawing conclusions, words that show position including "top," "middle," and "bottom," sight words "what," "little," "said," "here," and "was," poetry about gardens, the word families "-ick," "-ot," and "-op," and retelling a story, as well as categorizing final K and CK sounds, phoneme blending with K and CK, and with short U, picture sorting K and CK sounds, short U sounds, and K, U, and B sounds. Unit 10 – Creatures Now and Then - W, V, G, X, -ox, -en This unit discusses comparison and contrasting, words with opposite meanings, expository text, word families "-ox" and "-en," poetry about creatures, and sight words "she," "he," "look," and "has." Also covered are phonics for initial W and V sounds, and G sounds, the final X sound, phoneme blending with W and X, picture sorting W and V sounds, final G and X sounds, and G sounds, and phoneme segmentation with G and W. Unit 11 – Things I Know - J, Y, Z, QU, -ut, -un This unit covers number words, phonics for initial J, Y, Z, and QU sounds, poetry about colors and counting, using illustrations, picture sorting with J and Y sounds, and with QU and Z sounds, sight words "my," "with, "me," and "where," expository text, and identifying cause and effect.

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