Grade 2 Social Studies

Grade 2 Social Studies

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The Grade 2 Social Studies course begins to explore how the student fits in the world as a member of a community, a country, and the world. It introduces maps and discusses how industry and government work in the U.S.A. Grade 2 Social Studies presents US History from the early Native American period to the Civil War and finishes with an introduction to world history.

Acellus Grade 2 Social Studies is taught by Acellus Instructors, including Jennifer Blank.
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Scope and Sequence

Unit 1 – Where Do You Live? This unit discusses places where people live, how people form groups, what neighborhoods are, rules and laws, voting, how citizens care about the people around them, and what communities are. Unit 2 – Neighborhoods This unit discusses reading a map and how time changes communities. Also covered are urban, suburban, and rural areas, where we are in the world, and symbols of the USA. Unit 3 – Regions of the World This unit discusses other countries of the world, landforms and water, different climates, and how climate impacts lifestyles in different regions of the world. Unit 4 – Earth's Resources This unit discusses how food goes from the farm to the consumer, how produce is grown, using natural resources, and using bar graphs. Also included is a biography of Johnny Appleseed. Unit 5 - Planet Earth This unit discusses taking care of the Earth, cause and effect, recycling, responsibility as a citizen. Also included is a biography of Rachel Carson. Unit 6 – Working Hard This unit discusses predicting the order of events, handling money, making important decisions, being diligent, different ways to make and use money, and using pie charts. Unit 7 - Jobs and Trades This unit discusses career options, how goods go from the factory to the consumer, how countries trade, how bartering works, and what riddles are. Unit 8 – Our Government This unit discusses the concept of the main idea, the local, state, and federal governments, respect, using a table, voting, and our leaders and lawmakers. Also included is a biography of Thurgood Marshall. Unit 9 - The USA This unit discusses the American flag, national anthem, and freedom. Students will also learn how to use a compass rose, use a map to locate a place, and study international flags. Unit 10 - The Study of History This unit discusses ancient artifacts and inventions, the study of archaeology, Native American tribes, and the first English colonists. Unit 11 – The USA Begins This unit discusses the English Colonies, Thanksgiving, distances on a map, colonial life and Independence Day. Also included is a biography of John Paul Jones. Unit 12 - The USA Expands This unit discusses how our country expanded, pioneer life, the Civil War, timelines, ordering events, and remembering details. Also included is a biography of Sojourner Truth. Unit 13 – The USA Grows This unit covers changes in transportation, immigrants, ancestors, courage, the importance of communication, how news is spread, and researching a topic. Also included are biographies of Amelia Earhart and Alexander Graham Bell. Unit 14 - Holidays and Landmarks This unit covers American holidays and landmarks, holidays around the world, calendars, landmarks of the world, and community heroes. Also included is a biography of Maya Lin.
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