Missouri State History

Missouri State History

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This is a Missouri State History and Government course taught by Acellus Instructor Paula Keltner.
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Unit 1 – Missouri As Home In this unit students learn about how we study history.  They discuss timelines, point of view, fact and opinion.  They explore how to locate Missouri on a map, and study symbols of Missouri, hemispheres, location, latitude, and longitude.  They investigate  Missouri in the ice age, and become proficient at using symbols on a Missouri map. Unit 2 – Missouri's Natural Resources In this unit students study Missouri's regions.  They discuss rivers, ecosystems, climate, and natural resources. Unit 3 – Missouri's Early People: 12,000 B.C. to A.D. 1825 In this unit students explore the early inhabitants of Missouri.  They discover the hunters and gatherers and the Great Plains and Mound Builder Indians.  They study life as a Mississippian Indian, and investigate Indians of Missouri, the Osage Indians, and seasonal migration of Indians.  They also discuss the Osage and the role of legends, and present-day Native Americans. Unit 4 – French and Spanish Exploration: 1541-1800 In this unit students discuss explorers including the Spanish explorers -- with special focus on Hernando DeSoto -- and the French explorers Joliet, Marquette, and La Salle.  They explore the first French town in Missouri, Ste. Genevieve, and investigate St. Louis as a center of trade.  They also learn about Kansas City, Missouri, about slavery in Missouri and life in a Missouri French village, and about river travel in Missouri, changes in Native American life, and the Spanish influence in Missouri. Also included is a biography of Daniel Boone. Unit 5 – The State of Missouri In this unit students learn about President Thomas Jefferson and one of his legacies -- the Louisiana Territory.   They also study Meriwether Lewis and William Clark -- also known as the Corps of Discovery – and their expedition and the Missouri River.  Students also explore Sacagawea and the Western Expedition, Zebulon Pike and Stephen Long, and Fort Osage.  They investigate the Missouri Compromise and statehood, and learn how to use charts and graphs to study population growth in Missouri. They also enjoy a biography of Easton Sibley. Unit 6 – Missouri and Westward Movement: 1807-1860 In this unit students explore the growth of the Missouri fur trade and the life of the mountain men.  They specifically study the Missourians James Beckwourth and Jim Bridger, as well as Independence, Missouri and pioneers and wagons as the lifeline of the pioneer.  They discuss the western routes – the Sante Fe Trail, the Oregon Trail, the California Trial, and the Mormon Trail, and investigate steamboats on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, and information about Western Travel. Unit 7 – The Missouri Frontier: 1820-1860 In this unit students study how people created a life on the frontier.  They discuss how people grew food and raised livestock, what life was like for frontier women, what children did for play and for school, and what it was like to live in a frontier town.  In addition, they explore early manufacturing in Missouri, and immigrants from Germany and Ireland.  They investigate early Missouri and slavery, and the Underground Railroad that fought slavery, and they compare the biographies of Meachum and Brown.  In relation to Missouri, they explore a skill that is often used in the study of history, the skill of using a timeline. Unit 8 – Missouri and the Civil War: 1854-1865 In this unit students observe the use of a timeline to study Missouri and the Civil War.  They discuss the Presidential Election of 1860, as well as the tensions that existed between Missouri and Kansas over slavery.  They also explore the secession of the Southern states, Missouri as a Border State, how farmers suffered as a result of Order Number 11, freedom for Missouri slaves, and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. They also enjoy a biography of Martha Jane Tolton. Unit 9 – Missouri and Reconstruction: 1865-1900 In this unit students investigate reconstruction in Missouri after the Civil War.  They explore outlaws, farm life, and opportunities provided by the railroad.  They study how Kansas City and St. Louis began to prosper, and learn about the James Eads Bridge and the Story of Old Drum. They also enjoy biographies of Mark Twain, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Scott Joplin, and John "Blind" Boone. Unit 10 – Missouri in the early 1900s ‐ 1900-1940 In this unit students discuss technology in Missouri.  They study development from the General Store to the Department Store, St. Louis and world events, and Missouri and the Great War, the Roaring Twenties, and the Great Depression.  They learn about Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis, about baseball and its effect on Missouri, and about the Wonder Dog Named Jim. In addition, they enjoy biographies of George Washington Carver, Harry S. Truman, Walt Disney, and Thomas Hart Benton. Unit 11 – Missouri Today: 1939 - Present In this unit students focus on Missouri in World War II, the famous Missourian Harry S. Truman, the post-war boom, Dr. Martin Luther King, and the civil rights movement. They study September 11 and the War on Terror, how Missouri's great people make Missouri great, and explore famous Missouri attractions. They also enjoy a biography of Omar Bradley. Unit 12 – Missouri Government In this unit students explore the documents and branches of the National Government.  They learn about the U.S. Congress and how Missouri is represented there.  They discuss the road to political office, the Missouri State Constitution, General Assembly, and community and local government.  They investigate how taxes pay for programs and services, and study the responsibilities of Missouri Citizens. Unit 13 – A Career in Missouri In this unit students discover discusses Missouri economics, how Missouri's resources can be used to make a living, and how to make wise financial choices.  They explore goods and services, import versus export, transportation and tourism in Missouri.  They learn about famous Missouri products.

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