PE, Social, and Emotional Education – Middle School

PE, Social, and Emotional Education - Middle School

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In the PE, Social, and Emotional Education - Middle School course, students are guided through an exploration of skills they will find useful as they navigate the social and emotional aspects of their lives. They are shown how, by making wise choices, they gain the power to cultivate healthy and positive attitudes, relationships, and habits that will improve their overall physical and emotional health. With focus on social and emotional learning (SEL) as well as physical fitness, the Intro to Social Emotional Learning -- Middle School course equips students to handle day-to-day, real-world challenges throughout their lives.

Sample Lesson - Your Life, Your Choice


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Scope and Sequence

Students learn how to control what their lives will be, and they explore awareness. They study how to have an attitude of willingness and the importance of gratitude. They gain understanding of setting goals and developing healthful emotional habits. Students investigate emotions as well effective strategies to manage them, and they learn to monitor their own feelings and thoughts. They discuss where joy can be found. They consider how breathing fully and attentively will help them. They explore how stress impacts them and how they can deal with it. They contemplate the idea that the best way to deal with some things is to let them go. Students explore self esteem and choose a special place where they can go when they need some time to sort things out. They discuss how thoughts can trap them and how they can fend of and handle such traps. They explore the concept of making choices and owning them, as well as recognizing whether their actions are courageous or reckless. Students learn what it means to have a good perspective and explore ways to obtain one. They study coping skills for bad times. They discuss how they can steer their own personal development. They investigate what makes people heroes, how to identify them, and how to be one. They gain understanding of shaping their lives by the choices they make. They learn to dream and then to make their dreams happen. They discover their roles as the artists who create their own lives. They explore how to stay connected to reality, how to have a "living" attitude, and how to develop self control. They discuss integrity and define perseverance and procrastination. They learn to see the magic that is inherent in their surroundings. Students discover how to be good sports. They explore leadership and caring about others, and they learn to be encouraging. They study the importance of acknowledging others and responding to them, as well as why good manners are important and what having them means. They come to understand why it is important to respect the feelings of others. They investigate conflict resolution and how to deal with bullying. They explore how to choose their words carefully with their impact on others in mind. They define true friendship, and they learn to explore other people's perspectives. Students study physical fitness and its components and principles. They learn why warming up and stretching are beneficial. They discover how physical activity affects them, how they must stretch differently for different sports, and how their bodies will indicate to them how effective their exercise is. They gain understanding of fat burning, calories, healthy snacking, and nutrition. They study the importance of drinking sufficient water, pacing, and breathing. They learn about bones and about habits they can develop to stay healthy. Students learn rules for baseball, soccer, and basketball, as well as for track and field, football, and volleyball. They study aerobic capacity and oxygen. They discuss the importance of water to the body. They explore how to have good posture and how to develop endurance, strength, and flexibility. They learn to keep their bodies in a healthy fitness zone. They gain understanding of why safety precautions and rules in their physical endeavors should be obeyed as well as ways to stay safe online. The course includes lesson-by-lesson assessments, and a Mid-term and Final exam.
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