Kindergarten Language Arts

Kindergarten Language Arts

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The Kindergarten Language Arts course offers students the opportunity to master a range of basic language skills and applications that prepare them for further language concepts in ensuing grades.   This course is directed by Acellus Instructors including Jennifer Blank and LaTricia Harper.  The course also employs the teaching technique of Children Teaching Children.
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Scope and Sequence

Unit 1 – Language Readiness This unit covers comparing like and unlike objects, creating a list, capital and lowercase letters, using pictures to understand, knowing right and left, the information that can be found on the cover of a book, and sorting objects into groups. Unit 2 – Nouns This unit discusses using proper nouns for people, places, and days, common nouns for people, animals, things, and places, and identifying which kind of thing a noun names. Unit 3 – Verbs This unit covers verbs, following directions, past-tense verbs, the difference between reality and fantasy in writing, the verbs is and was, the verbs are and were, and using verbs in sentences. Unit 4 – Sentences This unit discusses what makes a sentence, using a dictionary, writing "telling" or declarative sentences, identifying the main idea, asking questions, using exclamations, and making things sound right. Unit 5 – Adjectives This unit discusses adjectives, including colors, words that describe size, shape, and number, using a chart, giving details, words that describe emotion, comparison words, and how diagrams can help us to understand. Unit 6 – Pronouns This unit discusses the pronouns you, I, she, he, it, we, and they. It further discusses story pieces, singular and plural pronouns, libraries, using pronouns in sentences, and putting things in alphabetical order.

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